We use fresh produce and local companies to provide us with the best products for our guests.

Pizza Cottage was started April 2, 1974. It was located on North Cumberland Street, Morristown, Tennessee (Buffalo Trail). The business was started by the Cody family. When Ma and Pa Cody retired they left the business to their son and daughter. Later it was sold in September 2003 to TayCon Enterprises.

We still make our own PASTA Sauce and SALAD dressing. Our PIZZAS are very unique.† We still have that same crust, donít mess up what works I always say.† Our SUBS and sandwiches are available every day and on special price every Tuesday.† We have OTHER foods that we call FUN FOODS.† Our MENU is also here for you to download and print or just take a gander at.† If you are in the mood to work, the employment APPLICATION is on here also.† Print it out and bring it to us and lets chat.† We have GREAT SPECIALS every day of the week.† Check them out so you can save money or just try new things maybe you haven't in a while.

Be sure and try our TAKE AND BAKE products.† Bake them at home at your time, day or night. Hot right out of your oven.† Go HERE to get directions on cooking times.

Thanks for visiting us and hope to see you soon.

We have strived to keep all the old family recipes and the same atmosphere of the "Original Pizza Cottage" that we bought in 2003. There are other restaurants in America that call themselves Pizza Cottage, but we have the true and original at the Wal-Mart Shopping Center, Morristown, Tennessee. We hope you like it now just as much as you always did all those years ago.

Thanks for all the good times so far and its always great to see you walk in the door.

Thomas Connatser

CEO, TayCon Enterprises Inc.

Fresh tomato picture.

463 S. Davy Crockett Parkway


Morristown, TN 37813

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E-mail: pc@pizzacottage.com

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