Our spaghetti picture.

Our Spaghetti is made fresh every time.† We make it great so you can enjoy it.† Remember every Thursday is Buy One, Get One Free day on all our pasta.†

Our spaghetti is made fresh so you donít have to.

Our Lasagna is so delicious we have people driving from 30 miles away to eat it.† We serve it† piping hot for you and load it with 3 big Texas Toast slices of bread.† You will be coming back again and again for this product.

Our Baked Spaghetti is from our great homemade spaghetti.† We fix it up with lots of sauce and plenty of cheese on top.† We bake it and serve it hot.†

Our Pasta Sauce is made fresh every day just for you.† We use it to pair with several different products as a spaghetti sauce or a meat sauce for dipping our cheese sticks and Bosco © Sticks.† :-0

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